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About Our Properties

We not only take pride in developing exceptional homes for those that seek a higher standard of living, but also in doing so with an unmatched level of service and desire to make our clients happy. Purchasing the home of your dreams is a life event that deserves to be handled with professionalism, and extreme care throughout every step of the journey. at Kingston Grey & Co we have a design team that tastefully and meticulously draws out a great looking design for the homes we sell, passing through several stages of our creative process in order to stay modern yet unique in our designing. We also offer semi-custom homes for those that want to have a hand in the design process and include their own ideas, contact us now to see what lots we have available for semi-custom home builds for more information. 

About Kingston Grey & Co. LLC

As San Antonio's premier luxury home builder Kingston Grey & Co. values exceptional service, pride in our community and unmatched attention to detail almost more than anything else. Our company is built on a foundation of strong principles, and an even stronger desire to provide an amazing experience from the moment our clients contact us. As a custom luxury home builder we obsess over creating not only a home that we can guarantee our clients will love, but one that meets the monumentally high standards we have set for ourselves and our work. At Kingston Grey & Co. we design and build the home of your dreams utilizing the most current in cutting edge technology, energy efficient materials, and a streamlined process from start to finish, comparable to no other home builder in San Antonio.

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