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About Kingston Grey & Co

Innovating the  Southern Texas

luxury real estate market.

Excellence is at the center of everything that we do.

Kingston Grey & Co. is South Texas' most exceptional builder, and an industry leader in top tier home design. Our design team is always staying up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the home design  industry. Expect outstanding quality custom homes with unique and modern designs at KG & Co. 

Kingston Grey & Co Museum

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Exceptional quality,

creatively designed for you.

Kingston Grey & Co. brand is built on the centuries-long prestige of the world’s preeminent auction house. Kingston Grey & Co's history and our unmatched reputation give our listings the best-in-class exposure they deserve and assures buyers they are working with a trusted partner.

Setting the Texas real estate standard. 

From the homes we build to the talent we recruit, we know that to maintain the highest quality of production, we have to work with the best in the business. We know that our partners play a crucial role in every step of the process, therefore we only work with the best there is in the industry. 

Kingston Grey & Co White House
Kingston Grey & Co Private Pool

Local roots with a strong sense of pride in our community

Our international network spans across 74 countries and territories. Find a home that suits your lifestyle by exploring all that Kingston Grey & Co. has to offer globally.

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La Cantera


Shavano Park


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About Kingston  Grey & Co. LLC

As San Antonio's premier luxury home builder Kingston Grey & Co. values exceptional service, pride in our community and unmatched attention to detail almost more than anything else. Our company is built on a foundation of strong principles, and an even stronger desire to provide an amazing experience from the moment our clients contact us. As a custom luxury home builder we obsess over creating not only a home that we can guarantee our clients will love, but one that meets the monumentally high standards we have set for ourselves and our work.

At Kingston Grey & Co. we design and build the home of your dreams utilizing the most current in cutting edge technology, energy efficient materials, and a streamlined process from start to finish, comparable to no other home builder in San Antonio.

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